Current Focus

I do not purposefully try to emulate or paint in a particular art style. What and how I paint is innate and spontaneous. However, people always ask me, or even more often, tell me, what style I fit into. So I wondered and did some research. I believe my paintings are best described as post-impressionistic. Please read the description below for a bit of background. I'm sure better educated artminds will want to argue and disagree - so be it.

Here is a over-view of the two styles

1.Impressionism was a style of painting which emphasized color and depicted realistic scenes of ordinary subjects while postimpressionism was a style of painting which was derived from impressionism.

2.Impressionist paintings were done outdoors while postimpressionist paintings were done in a studio.

3.Postimpressionism used geometric form to depict its subjects while impressionism used small, thin brushstrokes that gave the painting softer edges.

4.Impressionism paved the way for Neo-impressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, and Postimpressionism while post impressionism paved the way for modern art.

5.Postimpressionism involved a more methodical and time-consuming process than impressionism.

6.Impressionism captured the heat of the subject while postimpressionism was based on the emotion and concept of the artist.

Post-Impressionists extended Impressionism while rejecting its limitations: they continued using vivid colours, often thick application of paint, and real-life subject matter, but were more inclined to emphasize geometric forms, distort form for expressive effect, and use unnatural or arbitrary colour. Postimpressionism was developed in the form of impressionism and was used to refer to the works of younger artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, and Georges Seurat. Postimpressionist artists still used vivid colors, thick paint, distinct brushstrokes, and ordinary subject matter but stressed the use of geometric forms and unnatural colors. Postimpressionist painters explored different directions and approaches to painting without concern about the appearance of their subjects. It paved the way for the development of modern art which was based largely on the emotions and concepts of the individual artist. While impressionism was done outdoors, postimpressionism was done inside a studio. It was a slower process and involved methodical processes.

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