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contemporary acrylic artist

By john chehak, Oct 5 2017 05:27PM

Paint your marriage in color

Mishkalo is a Wedding Registry for Art.

It offers you curated, original works of art – paintings, sculpture, glasswork, furniture and more.

And it enables your guests to pool their resources and indulge you on your special day with a unique gift you’ll cherish forever.

An original fine art will make house a home. Your kids will grow up with it. Perhaps it could become a collectible. Or a family heirloom.

By john chehak, Oct 1 2017 11:00AM

Each canvas is 18” x 18” x1.5 deep.

To turn all of the sides once, in all permutations, would take approximately 2 years,if one

side was turned by ¼ turn once per day.

By john chehak, Sep 1 2017 06:00AM

My brother in law, for those who don't know, is Robin Taylor. Robin plays the Penquin on the TV show "Gotham". He has thousands of followers. One Christmas eve, I was explaining that I didn't do "Twitter". He posted this to his twitter account and I got close to one hundred hits, follows, likes, etc. in about 10 minutes.




I'm going to post new artwork, my schedules, other artists work, shows and other things of interest.

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